MFL Show and Tell?


The idea of the MFL Show and Tell session is to give teachers an opportunity to share good practice on the use of technology in the languages classroom in a relaxed informal environment. The session will take place in the:
Jurys Inn Hotel Southampton, Charlotte Place, Southampton, SO14 0TB
from 7.00 p.m - 10.00 p.m on Saturday 9th February 2013.
We hope to have to two data projectors, a screen for presentations and one to display the event's Twitterstream. plus wifi connectivity of course. We will have one laptop set up. If you want to show a presentation, please have it on a stick to save time.
If you would like to come along as an attendee, please click edit on the top right-hand side of the navigation bar and add your name and school/organisation. If you'd like to speak, add the title of your talk as well. Please sign both to keep track of numbers if you are presenting to allow us to keep track of numbers. The length of your slot will depend on how many volunteers we have. We would particularly encourage those who don't normally speak at such [[#|events]] to have a go and share what you are doing in the classroom. Your presentation doesn't have to be IT related, just good teaching!
We suggest you have your evening meal before you arrive as there will be no nibbles provided. However, there will be a bar to ensure the evening goes with a swing!
The MFL Show and Tell is free thanks to the kind sponsorship of Televic without whom this exciting event would not be possible.
There is a strict limit of 60 people for the Show and Tell. THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL AS OF THURSDAY 7th FEB
@elvisrunner is ordering 'event' t-shirts for this - any member of the #MFLTwitterati wanting to order one, get in touch with her! Deadline Sunday 20 Jan 8pm
Please add your name, twitter username (if applicable) and presentation title here if willing to presen
  • Clare Seccombe, @valleseco, Blankety Blank
  • Lisa Stevens @lisibo, not decided yet!
  • Alex Bellars, Ballard School, @bellaale- Fun with cheap visualisers
  • Isabelle Jones, @icpjonesMusical revisions
  • Jen Turner @msmfl - not decided yet - maybe something with a disco theme?!
  • Eleanor Abrahams, @elvisrunner, Maybe some Jenga?
  • Dominic McGladdery @dominic_mcg Using smspoll to motivate students
  • John Connor @bootleian
  • Rachel Smith @lancslassrach sentence [[#|poker]]
  • Val Thornber @growstorygrow - A second language from birth - 5 minutes
  • Kelda Richards @ElKel99 - Smart Phone Pub Quiz (bring your phones and have Twitter ready to tweet your answers)
  • Simon Tunmore, The Ashcombe School, @SimonTunmore, Using Socrative + Teachprof Tunmore Vocabulary Songs
  • Helen Myers, @HelenMyers, Second Life in the Classroom

Attendees - 60 places max
  1. Clare Seccombe @valleseco
  2. Helena Butterfield @langwitch
  3. Lisa Stevens @lisibo
  4. Alex Bellars @bellaale
  5. Saira Ghani, Chiltern Edge School @sghani
  6. Amanda Salt, @amandasalt
  7. Isabelle Jones @icpjones
  8. Rachel Smith @lancslassrach
  9. Serena Dawson @dawson_serena
  10. Eleanor Abrahams @elvisrunner, I heart Show and Tell!
  11. Rosemary Hicks @hicksie58
  12. Samantha Lunn @spanishsam
  13. Sharon Taylor @mflfan
  14. Sam Dernley @dernley
  15. Sue Watkins @cymru99
  16. David Ceiriog-Hughes, @DavidCeiriog
  17. Bethany Stanney @beth_stanney
  18. Gill Cork, @leprofsms
  19. Elizabeth Semper, St Leonards School @semper1975
  20. Elodie De Haan, Claremont Senior School
  21. Emilie Burguin, Ockbrook School, @MLMilpin
  22. Grainne O'Connor, @yourgracieness
  23. Jessica Thomas, Stamford Queen Eleanor School,
  24. Manuella Moisan, @misscroissant2
  25. Sylvie Bartlett-Rawlings,@SylvieBRawlings, Shernold and Barming primary [[#|schools]]
  26. Jackie Berry @rubiales62
  27. Annalise Adam @thwartedmum
  28. Esther Mercier @atantot
  29. Sina Müller, Adolf-Reichwein-Gymnasium
  30. Ruth Macdonald @macdoruth
  31. John Connor
  32. Dominic McGladdery
  33. Jen Turner
  34. Mel Smith - PGCE tutorSoton
  35. Joe Dale
  36. Jo Rhys Jones
  37. Vanessa Burns @nessalovesshoes
  38. Emma Bains @bains_1
  39. Garry Mills @pelado
  40. James Gardner @langnut
  41. Justin - vokabexpress
  42. Julian
  43. Simone Haughey @simonehaughey
  44. Simon @mrsimonfloyd
  45. Kelda Richards @ElKel99
  46. Lisa Liakakou @Giggly_girl123
  47. Louisa Hoff @hoff200
  48. Cecile Lemarchand, St Ann's Southampton
  49. Monica Alvarez Suarez, St Anne's School, Southampton
  50. Edgar Marquez, Christs Hospital,
  51. Ahmed Al Khateeb
  52. Nic Hirsch @MFLGirl
  53. Catherine Bellars @MrsBellacat
  54. Helen Myers @HelenMyers
  55. Simon Tunmore, The Ashcombe School, @SimonTunmore
  56. Televic
  57. Televic
  58. Jenny @Sparkelspeak
  59. Chris Wakely
60 places max.

The order of the presentations will be picked at random using ClassTools' Fruit Machine

Song and Dance
As last year, we may well be practising a few foreign language songs between presentations (perhaps with actions). If you would like to lead one of these, please email the words first ( so I can project for everyone to see. Guitars and other musical accompaniment welcome.

List of songs
  • Lisa Stevens @lisibo- Links und rechts or Pollito pio (online!) - unless I have another idea in the meantime
  • Alex Bellars @bellaale - it's a surprise...
  • John Connor @bootleian wot he said.
  • Simone Haughey @simonehaughey TBC
  • I think Amanda Salt would like me to do El Arca de Noé @valleseco


By Rail
The nearest railway station is Southampton Central.

By Bus
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The nearest bus stops to Jurys Inn are:
  • East Park Terrace
  • London Road
  • Civic Centre Road
  • High Street

For those travelling by car, public car parking is available nearby (charges apply).